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Letter K Crafts

Try adding these creative letter K crafts to inspire your preschooler to practice the letter K. From kitty cat pets to cool animals like kangaroos, these crafts are great ways to explore the letter K with your preschooler.

Letter K Crafts Preschool - Preschool Letter Crafts

Top Letter K Preschool Crafts

K is for Kite

Who says pasta noodles are just for cooking? This letter K craft from Crafty Morning gives your preschoolers the chance to create their own pasta art while learning about the letter K.

Continue the Kite fun with the Shape Kites from the Morning Bins.


K is for Kiwi

Has your preschooler ever opened a kiwi to see how it looks inside? This craft from The Simple Parent creates a kiwi look with a letter K learning experience. Use this opportunity to introduce a new fruit to your kiddo if they haven’t tried one yet.


K is for Kitty

This is the puuurfect craft to learn all about the letter K and get your preschooler excited about reading. Customize this craft from Pink Stripey Socks with your kiddo’s favorite color. 

Add the Pet LOW PREP Activity Binder to your preschool learning!

Pets Activities for Preschool

K is for King

Kings and queens aren’t only for fairy tales. This king craft from Kids Activities is a great activity to add to a lesson on the letter K but later can be used as puppets in dramatic play.

K is for Key

The key to learning the alphabet and letter recognition is to have fun with it! This craft from Mommy Made It provides a printable puzzle that creates a key shape using the letter K.

K is for Koala

This cute koala craft from I Heart Crafty Things incorporates many opportunities for your preschooler to practice their fine motor skills. Make it a fun sensory experience by adding a texture to your koala’s tummy over (or in place of) the white paint. 

K is for Kangaroo

Get ready for this kangaroo craft from Sight and Sound Reading to hop into your letter K lesson. Count how many pom poms your preschooler can fit in their kangaroo’s pouch.

The Zoo Preschool Activities Binder makes the perfect addition to your lesson plans!

Zoo Activities for Preschool - LOW PREP Binder FUN!

K is for Karate

Teach Beside Me turns the letter K into a karate kid with a few creatively placed highlights and ribbon. Does your preschooler do karate? Use this craft to learn about the letter K and all about their favorite sports.

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