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Letter L Crafts

Add a little or a lot of fun to your preschooler’s letter L learning. From ladybugs to lemons, these crafts are great ways to explore the letter L with your preschooler.

Letter L Crafts - Preschool Letter Crafts

Top Letter L Preschool Crafts

L is for Lobster

This lovely little lobster from Crafty Crafted will use your preschooler’s fingers and toes to create fun under the sea friend. This cute creature is a quick and easy craft to add to your lesson.

L is for Lemon

When life gives you the letter L it’s time to make lemonade, or at least, lemons! Grab a letter L template from Must Have Mom and create your own lemon craft–try stamping your letter L with a lemon. 

Practice patterns using Lemons with our Food Theme!

Pattern Activities Preschool - Food and Nutrition Preschool

L is for Lizard

Make this lucky little lizard part of your letter L learning. Stop by Frugal Mom Eh for a free lizard template and get creative with the decoration and try different shapes.

Add the Pet LOW PREP Activity Binder to your preschool learning!

Pets Activities for Preschool

L is for Lamp

Get ready to get creative and create your own unique lampshade to top this letter L craft. Check out Crystal and Comp to see how they incorporated rainbow colors for their letter L.

L is for Ladybug

This little ladybug is as cute as they come! Artsy Momma gives your preschooler the opportunity to learn a lot with this letter L craft. From cutting circles to counting the dots on their creature

We love this ladybug counting activity in our BUG Theme!

Bug Preschool Moring Tubs #bugs #preschoolbugs #preschoolactivities #morningtub

L is for Lego

Everything is awesome with this fun Lego craft. Busy Kids Happy Mom’s craft gives your preschooler a chance to practice the letter L, recognizing shapes, and colors–what color will you make your Lego character?

L is for Lollipop

Want to incorporate a sweet treat into your letter L lesson? This L craft from Kindergarten Connection is a quick and easy way to work on letter recognition and practice circles to decorate your lollipop. 

L is for Lion

Kids Activities gives your preschooler the cutest cupcake lion to add to a letter L lesson. Practice fine motor skills by cutting your lion’s wild mane and maybe later, stop by the zoo to visit this big cat in real life. 

The Zoo Preschool Activities Binder makes the perfect addition to your lesson plans!

Zoo Activities for Preschool - LOW PREP Binder FUN!

L is for Llama

Speaking of animal friends, The Keeper of the Memories brings another great letter L craft. Even if you can’t visit a llama at your local farm or petting zoo, you can bring the fun to life with this class. 

L is for Leaf

Spring, summer, fall, or winter leaves for this letter L craft be found in any season. The Simple Parent shows how this craft can be used for not only learning the letter L but also practicing creating different patterns with different colored leaves to decorate. 

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