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Preschool Goodbye Songs

Goodbye Songs for Preschoolers

Looking for a way to make your preschooler’s transition from school to home easier and more fun? Look no further than our favorite preschool goodbye songs. Enjoy these great goodbye musical jams that your little one will sing again and again.

Goodbye Songs for Preschool

Good Bye Friends

The Singing Walrus presents Good Bye Friends. Wave goodbye to your friends with these adorable little ducks, but not before you get your wiggles out by jumping, running, and dancing. 

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Goodbye to YOU!

Sing along with the sun and clouds to say goodbye! ELF Kids Videos also incorporate the moon and the stars and even a sleepy kitty to say goodbye!

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Can You Say Bye

This goodbye song is out of this world! Sing along with these little space monsters from The Kiboomers, and look forward to the time you’ll meet again.

Monster Theme - Preschool

Goodbye Song

Get ready for a silly, fun goodbye song that’s the cherry on top of a good day. The Learning Station uses rhyming and different animals to bring a happy ending to the day.

Morning Tubs - Nursery Rhymes cover

Bye Bye Goodbye

Clap and wave the day away with a song from Super Simple Songs. Clap, stomp, and wave goodbye to all your friends at school until you see them again.. 

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Goodbye, See You Soon

This goodbye song by Super Simple Songs reminds your preschooler that saying goodbye isn’t forever, just for now. They can look forward to getting together again to play, laugh, have lunch, and learn.

See You Later

Super Silly Songs shares a simple goodbye song that can be used to get your child ready to wrap up a lesson, playtime, or picnic.

Goodbye Song for Children

This song from The Learning Station gets your preschool ready to go home. It reminds them of all the fun they had that day, reading and running, and they’ll be able to enjoy another day again tomorrow. 

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We hope you love the Preschool goodbye songs and find them useful to incorporate into your end of day routines.

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