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August Preschool Themes

August is a busy time of year where we are still enjoying the final days of summer and also thinking about Back to School activities. Your kiddos will be excited to explore, learn, and have fun with the best August preschool activities.

August Preschool Themes - Best of August Preschool Fun

August Themes for Preschool

Here are the top 10 themes for Preschool in August.

Back to School

Get ready to head back to school by practicing all the basics. From counting and matching to playdough number cards, this August theme for preschool will have your kiddo ready and excited to keep on learning! Keep the excitement going by reading a story about Pete the Cat and his new school shoes and singing with Jack Hartmann about being back at school.

Preschool Centers - Back to School


All About Me

It’s never been more fun for your preschooler to learn and share all about them. With 80 pages of all about me activities, enjoy a mix of hands-on activity centers and no-prep worksheets. While they’re working through their activities, play a song in the background featuring the friends from Sesame Street and wrap up your lesson with a book all about The Skin You Live In.

All About Me Activities Preschool Cover



Over the summer, has your preschooler traveled on a plane, train, or automobile? These transportation worksheets will bring all the different ways we travel to life while helping your preschooler learn all the basics. Your child can also zip and zoom all over the place with hands-on counting mats featuring transportation themes. Put on the Drive My Car song when you hit the road for your own adventures, and imagine what you could see flying high in the sky when you read the book, Airplane.

Transportation Theme - Preschool



There is no short supply of fun hands-on activities for your preschooler to try out when practicing their shapes. Whether it’s threading string through shape frames or sorting buttons into silly shape-eating monsters, these activities are something every preschooler will enjoy. Don’t forget to include a book all about shapes and a wiggle break that lets your kids make any shape with their body. 

2D Shapes for Preschool



Colors are a cornerstone of every preschooler’s learning experience. From matching ice cream colors to colorful caterpillars, there are a ton of hands-on activities for every kiddo to dive into that will inspire their imagination. Sing along with The Singing Walrus about the rainbow colors and read all about the Beautiful Oops to keep the fun going all lesson long!

Preschool Centers - Color Theme



Who says monsters have to be scary? With these magnificent monsters, your kids will master important motor skills in no time! Have fun building monsters together or practice counting with 10s frames with the bubble gum monster. Wrap up your lesson with a story about how much monsters love school too, and a dance-a-long featuring all kinds of monster moves. 

Monster Theme - Preschool


Alphabet Binder

Get ready for A…B…C… to be easy as 1…2…3! This alphabet binder can be used again and again for morning work or literacy centers. Another fun way to get alphabet practice in is with a DIY alphabet book. Speaking of which, don’t forget to read all about the old lady who swallowed an A and bring the alphabet to life with this alphabet phonics song!

Alphabet Activities - Interactive Binder



Enjoy this new preschool theme for August: Pets! Your preschooler will love these fluffy feather patterns as well as playing with playdough to design their own dough pets. Of course, this lesson wouldn’t be complete without a brain break with a song about Rags the Dog or a story all about what it’s like to be a veterinarian. 

Pet Activities for Preschool



Calling all preschool mateys! These pirate-themed worksheets are a real treasure to make learning fun for your little one. Let their imaginations run wild and create their very own pirate flag pattern. In between activities, give your preschooler a brain break and sing along with Jack Hartmann about being a silly pirate. Later read all about How I Became a Pirate.

Pirate Activities for Preschool


Unicorns Theme

Make learning magical with this August theme for preschool. With pipe cleaners and play dough, play a fun game of unicorn ring toss by recreating the colorful rainbow pattern with cereal. Enjoy a story with your preschooler about How to Catch a Unicorn, and wrap up the lesson with the Itsy-Bitsy Unicorn song.

Unicorn Preschool Binder


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