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November Preschool Themes

Here are the top themes for Preschool in November. Now that fall is in full swing, explore and make learning fun with your kiddos and these exciting November themes for preschool.

Best November Preschool Themes for Preschool - November Preschool Activities


Here are the top themes for Preschool in November.

Fall Theme

Say hello to fall with this autumn theme. From alphabet sunflowers to counting trees, enjoy infusing your preschooler’s learning with all the orange, red, and yellow delights! Pair the story, We’re Going on A Leaf Hunt and a sing-along about Autumn Leave Falling Down for a fall-tastic lesson. 

Fall Preschool Activities


Cooking Theme

Get ready to cook up tons of fun with your preschooler in the kitchen. Whether it’s through an interactive center with cookie counting or creating cake patterns while listening to the Pat a Cake Song. And don’t forget to enjoy a story with Mr. Cookie Baker to put a sweet twist on their day.

Preschool Cooking Theme


Farm Theme

What preschooler wouldn’t love imagining life on a farm? Encourage counting how many little piggies fit in the barn when you use number worksheets or practice tracing piggy tails on these muddy little buddies. Make sure to include Click Clack Moo-Cows that Type for a good giggle at story time, and get ready to get your body moving along to All Around the Farm to wrap up your farm-themed lesson! 

Farm Activities Preschool


Turkey Preschool Theme

This turkey theme will be tons of Thanksgiving fun for your preschooler this November. Take a turkey and practice spelling your kids’ name with colorful feathers or try practicing your colors by placing matching pom poms. Don’t forget to tell the tale of How to Catch a Turkey and wiggle and giggle to the Turkey Freeze Dance

Turkey Theme Preschool - Thanksgiving Preschool Cooking


5 Senses Theme

This 5 senses preschool theme is great for November. Your preschooler can explore and learn all about fall using their eyes, ears, fingers, touch, and taste. Try sorting out the taste of different kinds of fall foods by incorporating a tongue puppet. Read all about their five senses and sing along with a fun song.

5 Senses Theme for Preschool


Community Helpers Theme

This community helpers theme is a fun and interactive way to introduce your preschoolers to community service and helping others. Try out an interactive game to help the firefighters put out the fires, or practice putting together different construction and street sign patterns with playdough. Enjoy a brain break with some fun action and top it off with the feel-good story of Froggy Goes to the Doctor.

Community Helpers


Dinosaur Preschool Theme

Make learning fun with these colorful dino pals! Practice counting their dino scales or matching upper and lower case letters with dino eggs. Add a few giggles in the lesson with a story reminding them that We Don’t Eat Our Classmates and so the Dinosaur Stomp (Dance-A-Long).

Dinosaur Activities for Preschool


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